Upcoming Training & Events

I can provide training on a range of topics within the broad areas of hearing voices, psychosis, complex traumatic reactions, peer support, group facilitation and mental health.

The following is a list of courses, conferences & events that I am presenting at during the coming months.

Many of these courses are in-house, however, if you’d like to see a list of courses and conferences where you can book a place – see: My Training.

February 2019

11 February, Melbourne (Australia)
Rethinking ’empowerment’ & ‘recovery’ (overcoming disempowerment and oppression)
University of Melbourne & VMAIC
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14 February, Melbourne (Australia)
Keeping it Real: Finding ways of being authentic when we speak, or work, as a survivor
VMAIC: www.vmiac.org.au

15 February, Melbourne (Australia)
Psychosis and Dissociation in the Context of Trauma: a relational approach

19 February, Sydney (Australia)
Critical Perspectives on Madness Reading Group
Off The Wall: www.offthewall.net.au

20 February, Sydney (Australia)
Dialogical Approaches to Supporting People, Families and Networks in Crisis
University of Sydney and Inside Out & Assoc.

22 February (Sydney) Australia
Hearing Voices
Inside Out & HVN New South Wales

March 2019

4 March, Leicester (UK)
Hearing Voices: a relational approach
Book your place: Hearing Voices: A Relational Approach

11-14 March, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Open Dialogue Training (Block A)
Book your place: 

18 March, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Open Dialogue in the UK and Around the World
7-9pm, The Academic College of Tel Aviv, Open Dialogue Israel
Book your place: https://www.facebook.com/events/502472903576585/

29 March, Leicester (UK)
Understanding the Principles & Practice of Open Dialogue
Book your place: Open Dialogue Training – Leicester 2019

May 2019

19-22 May, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Open Dialogue Training (Block B)
Book your place: http://opendialogue.itaykander.com/course-2019-reg/

23 May, Kristiansand (Norway)
Keynote at International Conference on Trauma, Dissociation and Psychosis

September 2019

22-25 March, Tel Aviv (Israel)
Open Dialogue Training (Block C)
Book your place: http://opendialogue.itaykander.com/course-2019-reg/