Upcoming Training & Events

I can provide training on a range of topics within the broad areas of hearing voices, psychosis, complex traumatic reactions, peer support, group facilitation and mental health.

The following is a list of courses, conferences & events that I am presenting at during the coming months:

April 2017

5 April, Eastbourne (UK)
Compassion on the edge? Working with our voices, visions and a messed up world
Keynote at University of Brighton 18th Annual Mental Health Conference

7 April, London (UK)
Language Matters: Finding oneself within other people’s stories
Keynote at Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Medical Psychotherapy Conference

24 April, Canterbury (UK)
Me & The Meds: Moving towards a balanced relationship with psychiatric medication
One day lecture for CCCU BSc Mental Health Nursing course

28 April, Tunbridge Wells (UK)
An Introduction to Open Dialogue
Half day lecture for CCCU Clinical Psychology trainees

May 2017

9 May, London (UK)
Making Sense of Complex Trauma and Dissociation
For Mind in Camden

June 2017

8 June, London (UK)
A Disorder for Everyone: exploring the culture of psychiatric diagnosis
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July 2017

11 & 18 July, London (UK)
Informed Choice and Psychiatric Medication: A fresh approach
For Mind in Camden

21, 24 & 25 July, Nottingham (UK)
Hearing Voices Groups in Prisons Facilitation Training
For Mind in Camden

August 2017

1 August, London (UK)
Facilitating ‘Thinking about Psychiatric Medication’ Groups
For Mind in Camden

30 August – 3 September, Liverpool (UK)
Making Real Change Happen
Keynote at ISPS International Conference: www.isps2017uk.org