4 responses to “The Sun: Talking about the diagnosis of ‘schizophrenia’”

  1. Ceri

    Being the second person in that article, it was a work of fiction very loosely based on my life & what I told them.

    Not exactly what I’d have written, but I was just so pleased anything like it appeared. Before the interview I searched the Sun site, and the only mention of anything like schizophrenia was in headlines alongside ‘stabbed’ or ‘drugs’.

    I think it’s important to do publicity with the ‘schizophrenia’ label. It’s still how many people are told to relate to their voices, the only language they are given.

    There’s also something there about reclaiming the language. That was the first time I’d done any press work at all about ‘mental illness’, so having my name & photo in the UK’s most widely read newspaper under a ‘SCHIZOPHRENIA’ headline was frightening, but it was also very liberating – a ‘coming out’. The word wasn’t something that could be used to blackmail or bully me any more.

  2. Liam T Kirk

    Hi Rai,

    I’ve read your interviews to the The Sun, Full House and the Telegraph. Thank you for your emotional honesty.

    I have a different slant to the last taboo. In the papers talking about mental health is classified as the last taboo, but not for me, the last taboo for me: is not talking about the appalling level of care in the mental health system… hence my reading of your post – the problems with psychiatrists.

    Tomorrow I have a suprise appointment with a Harley Street psychiatrist, which is an important appointment for reasons that are too ardulous to go into here.

    Still, well done, on campaigning for change.
    Good luck for the future, Liam

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