5 responses to “Boxing Clever – Trauma, Anger & Self Expression”

  1. suzanne

    Wow, well done !!!!
    I can imagine you as mohamed Ali’s twin sister 😉 (just a bit younger 😉 )
    I can also imagine Joel having fun when you’re putting on your boxing gloves.
    Big hug for you, Joel, the ‘angry little one’ and all the others…
    and ok…… also a cuddle for the cats….

  2. John Wetherell

    hi Rachel – I kept meaning to check out your blog, and this latest post I’ve now stumbled on I’ve really enjoyed. I thought I would share a tiny poem as it seems distantly related to the kitty issues. It was based on a dream yesterday morning and kept me up quite late last night writing it.

    a squirrel — balanced
    perfectly at the fulcrum
    of terror and trust
    — measures my gaze according
    to unknown squirrel standards

    1. Jean Wetherell

      Absolutely delightful. An apt response to Rachel’s splendid “Boxing Clever”.

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