3 responses to “55 Steps: a battle cry against forced ‘treatment’ for us all”

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    me too <3 ty <3

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    Psychiatry is changing at last, albeit, slowly…

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    Yes, yes, yes!
    I am deemed crazy, strapped to a bed and imprisoned for demanding my rights…not violently, just not in the helpless, compliant way people expect me to be.
    Those that harm me, break the law, don’t follow policies, are experts doing their jobs. If they are challenged by someone with power, I am thanked for my feedback.
    In Australia the lawyers won’t look at mental illness cases. “If they’d followed the law you may still have been traumatised.” Our rights are only considered if we die…and again our role is educating others.
    People are wilfully blind, or scared; my rights are sacrificed so the caring profession can remain comfortable and ignore my distress…except patients and staff alike know this corrupt system serves none of us and traumatises all of us. Now that is crazy.
    I cannot understand how “normal” people’s consistent delusions about evidence, efficacy and best practice are not deemed INSANE in the face of actual humans dying, distressed and unable to live in this heartless paradox. At the same time, protesting against inhumane, illegal, unhelpful and unkind treatment leads to me losing my freedom because of lack of mental capacity and reason.
    It’s like a huge absurd nightmare where the punchline for me has been realising I will never be a human to the community, even though, in fact, I am human.

    I desperately need to see this film. I need that tonic to give me hope that one day we who can see, on both sides of the locked doors will unite and call the B S so we can all enjoy a safe and meaningful life. I need to see someone with power stand and fight with someone who has been treated badly in the name of “care”

    I’m sorry that you are having added consequences from your “cures”. Parenting and surviving takes heaps of hope and energy. I hope you have the supports you need.
    I have four children now adult…”adopted baby”, “tricyclics baby”, “ECT baby” and “Prozac baby”.
    They all survived and are decent, resilient, compassionate, creative men.

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