7 responses to “Communicating With Voices: Part One”

  1. Love, this is so moving and so brave. It’s great that you’ve done so much work and are able to talk about it openly. You have helped me so much.

  2. WOW!! Inspiration or what????? I have heard voices for about 17years and really struggle to cope with them and what theyre saying. Reading this has given me hope. Thank you sooooo much. i hope one day i can be as open about voices as you and maybe offer somebody else that bit of hope youve given me.

  3. I am admired by your blog! Thank you for being so open about things people often aren’t.

    I’m interested in how you use the art of writing to communicate with the voices, so I tried to locate the Communicating with the Voices Part II on your site and couldn’t. Could you point me to it, please?

  4. Rai,
    thanks! And as for the point about work in progress — understood.

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