3 responses to “My Baby, Psychosis & Me: A lesson in how not to make a documentary about mental health”

  1. katinka newman

    I saw the same documentary and like you, I found it profoundly disturbing. I’ve been a victim of medicated illness, and those women looked suspiciously like myself while treated in a similar type of hospital.
    I’m not sure you can blame the production team. Most people simply do not know that medication can make healthy people become suicidal and “mad as a hatter”, as one of the participants who , I think was on olanzapine, said.
    Deeply disturbing.

  2. Teresa McLaren

    This is BS. I have lived experience, I have professional experience and this is going to change. Natalie Tolbert’s book is a great guide
    The documentary ‘crazywise’ should be coming out soon. https://crazywisefilm.com/
    This needs to be addressed at the pre-med/midwifery school level.

  3. Hannah chamberlain

    I didn’t see the documentary, I’ll look it out. Having been through this having had a near episode myself after the birth of my son I can confirm that my care was very medical and results orientated. In some ways, after birth, you become the less important person in the story as attention focuses on the baby and his or her safety and best interests. This I understand, but I question whether that means care has to go backwards and be less progressive and human centred. It certainly sounds like this documentary could’ve done a lot more to show Hannah in context and explore her in community, using the expertise she will naturally already have to bring herself out of crisis. But this is something all services struggle to get right. It sounds like the documentary team should’ve had a service user consultant involved in the film making, scripting and editing and embedded in the crew. I used to shortlist for the Mind media awards, particularly in the years they were run by mental health media, and I don’t think, from your description, this documentary would’ve passed under my watch. Disappointing that they aren’t listening to voices like yours. Email them and show them your blog, they should hear this.

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