10 responses to “Symptom or Experience: Does Language Matter?”

  1. Rebecca Weaver

    You have an amazing site 🙂 xxx

  2. Hayley Morgan

    This is how I feel about my son, I don’t think of the illness I think of him and his personality and beliefs.

  3. Nicci Goulter

    Hi Rai,
    Thank you for such an articulate way of describing your experiences. I love the imagery of the tapestry – with the medical model providing a ‘pattern’ that is one size fits all and that fails to observe the unique nature of humans. As a mental health nurse educator in the public health care setting I find it difficult to assist new practitioners to commence their careers with this thought – that you have to hear the story before you can support the writer to edit their preferred future. I would like permission to use your article in teachings with mental health professionals. I presently facilitate a workshop on ‘working with not to’ and I would like to introduce your article as strategy to explore the individual story. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind Regards,

  4. Gary Sidley

    A powerful and beautifully written piece that effectively conveys your experiences.

    I’m developing a new website to promote my book – ‘Tales from the Madhouse: an insider critique of psychiatric services’ – which will be published by PCCS Books in January 2015. I’d like to include a link to your website; would you be OK with that?

  5. Donna murray

    Hi rai
    I had the oportunity to not use clinical language
    A persons rang asking can you tell me if what ive got is a mental ilness cemical in balance are they right
    I asked her to tell me about her life and she
    Explained in her language and her words in surching for
    The answer is this an ilness i should go and see a doctor for
    In each discribed experiance we were both able to name it as part of her human experiance in relation to her past easily exlpainable in her words
    Well I’m not mentaly ill than im just a reflection of my experiances and how ive gotten thru to now
    if i look at talking theropys and the greif and loss i think i wont need the ilness
    Its ok to be me
    And than she said to me ive been wateing 35 years to ask someone im glad it was you
    I am strong ive allways been strong i am not goingto let others tell me im week any more
    The time she said something the last 35 years ago the freind said I wouldent say that thay will lock you up so she hasent said a word to anyone since

    What an honour and 4 days back from greece with your words and kelies and peters and the sirens and its all thanks to the understanding we peers are shareing

    Thanks to comeing back to us who we are in our words

    Leaving some beeds on the floor that dont belong to us
    Love and light
    On our jurneys

  6. Jenny

    I’m still waiting for help to ‘edit my own future’, to have choices and help (that really shouldn’t be necessary) to protect myself from yet more abuses. Alone I can’t buy what I need and no amount of money can ever get me anywhere near to how I was before: I have lost myself and almost everything, every facet of my life is touched/wrecked.

    My injuries (both physical and psychological), experiences, traumas (by the ‘caring’ professions – including counsellors, doctors and mental health teams – and others = exploiting my vulnerabilities) and knowledge have been belittled, denied and lied about to my face, in writing/letters to me and to others including my GP.

    Why don’t mental health/others accept that when you’ve been injured/abused and betrayed by doctors the LAST place you need to go is see more doctors or to hospital? Who is there for me (and others like me) when our mental (and physical) health was wrecked by medics/mental health errors? Who do we turn to?

    Feels to me that they want us to become suicidal: I pleaded with GP for psychiatrist and drugs after I’d failed to kill myself but he chose to do nothing,he and all of them dumped me. I’m not working, not useful to anyone and am purely an inconvenience (problem) that they’d all be happy if it (me) disappeared. Why is nobody helping me and why am I still asking this after so many years?

  7. lesley trundle

    Hi Rai,
    You are such an inspiration, I’m so pleased that i’ve had the pleasure of meeting you. Reading this article is truly ore inspiring, I can now see how you totally get K, you really do give me hope for the future.
    Thank you.

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