Online Training

Growing Pearls is my online community that offers a free space for those interested in progressive, ethical and creative approaches to mental health, distress and trauma. It is a place for sharing resources, connecting with others, engaging in mutual support and solidarity as we try and develop ways of working that are useful to others and sit well with our hearts.

Think of it as a warmer/friendlier Facebook around a broad topic

Want to sign up to ‘The Garden’, see:

In addition to the free (members-only) ‘Garden’ area, members are welcome to go to The Greenhouse and book into a specific course. The booking page brings you here – giving you the chance to book your place on one of them.

Pay What You Can

All courses are available on a PWYC (pay what you can) basis … meaning money is no object to learning. 

However, if you are able to pay you are welcome to offer a price that feels reasonable to you and works with your finances. That will also help ensure I can keep paying my bills.

I realise many may wish to have a clear steer on how much to offer. However, as training fees vary greatly between country, sector and culture – a set figure doesn’t account for all the differences. 

Instead, each course listed here in roughly equivalent to a full days training input plus Q&A, support in reflective learning and 3 months of input to complete the course.

So, whatever you’d pay for a full day’s training and 3 months post course support will be the target fee for you. If it helps, my fee range varies from 0-£200+ for a day’s training (depending on context). Most range between £75 and £150 (with discounts for those without an income) Whether you can afford this is another matter. If you can’t, just offer what you can. 

If you are moved to, you can also offer some in-kind help to support the community’s development. 

You can have a look around the public parts of the Growing Pearls Learning Community, and register for free membership here:

Signing Up For Courses

You can sign up for the courses by completing the form on this page.

Access to courses are on a PWYC (pay what you can) basis.

As a guide, the current courses on offer are roughly equivalent to 1 day of training with the added bonus of being able to engage whenever you like (with around 4-5 hours of teaching time, plus activities/discussion) plus additional support (during the 3 months of access) to think about, stretch and implement your learning. 1 day’s training with out the extras is usually around £75-£150 (with substantial discounts for those in need). Remember, if you can’t afford what you think the course is worth – please just pay what you can (and consider offering something ‘in kind’).