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A few weeks ago, I spent an evening chatting with Beth and Tom from ‘Notes on the Mind’ – a new podcast that aims to demystify experiences that are often seen as ‘mad’ or hard to talk about. I went in to the interview really questioning whether I had anything of interest or use to say. Some days are like that – I get tired of my own voice and wish I could express myself in interpretive dance instead. If not for Beth and Tom’s enthusiasm and my wish of supporting them in their endeavour, I would probably have cancelled.

What happened in that hour surprised me more than anyone. It was probably one of the most wide ranging interviews I’ve done. We talked about my experiences, obviously … but we also touched on issues around hospitalisation, coercion, the ‘borderline personality disorder’ diagnosis and the need for more humane and responsive mental health services. I got to speak, a little, about my more emerging understandings of my voices/visions/beliefs … that I no longer seek who or what they represent, but simply accept them as part of my world (even if I don’t always agree with what they say or how they say it).

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